Communication in remote working environment

This is our final group task from the course Dialogue: Constructive talk at work. We are 22 students from many different faculties in Tampere University. Our first plan for this group task was to make a video about do’s and don’ts at the workplace. We chose actors and planned to film a magnificent movie at the university. Then corona came and the course was moved to an online meeting platform Zoom. We quickly changed our group task plan for a more suitable one in this new situation. Online meetings and remote studying were pretty new to all of us so we decided to make the group project about the pros and cons of working remotely. We also wanted to share our own experiences and combine them with the dialogue theory. Each of us prepared a short speech and then we read them aloud in turns. In Zoom, you can record the meeting and that was what we did. One take and we had a video ready! When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, they say. So things went well after all. :)


Spring 2020: We are a group of 19 students from different backgrounds. We all were Finnish speaking students, but of course in this course we used English when doing the group work. The group work was about learning about self-management and making a presentation about it. It was easy to choose self-management as the topic, because we had quite same interests. We chose this topic, because we thought that it might help us in our studies and future work life.