All you need is self-confidence

We proudly present our group task done in the Constructive Talk at Work -course. We are a group of 18 students from all different backgrounds. We came up with a topic of self-confidence and wanted to do an inspirational video on that. You can see the video here.

The topic is vital in work life and something that everyone can benefit from. Self-confidence is something you can always develop and it applies to all people – young or old. We thought that a video as a format would be the best way to present our task because it is fun, creative and practical way of showing the end product. Our aim in the video was to make it entertaining to watch so we chose to do it like a TV-commercial.

We worked in this task through dialogue and discussed every decision together, so that everyone could take part and contribute to the task. We started every session by sitting in a circle and discussing about what we were expecting from each session. We wanted the work to be effective and so that the task would be finished smoothly. To achieve that, sometimes the group divided into smaller groups and worked more efficiently.

Through this exercise we learned how to work better with people we don’t know and how to co-operate without an authority from a teacher. We learned to listen to other people and their opinions, because the task wouldn’t have been successful otherwise. You really see the power of the group and how the end result is going to be better with many different opinions to it.

Here is a link to our video


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