Conflicts at the workplace

Picture: Milli Lehtinen

Group 2: Fall 2019. Prezi presentation on conflict management in the workplace

We are a group of 20 students from different areas of studies and backgrounds. At the first class, we were seated for a dialogue circle, and most of us didn’t know what to expect. The first task in the dialogue circle was to decide the group values, that would lead us during the course. The values we chose were Empathy (taking everybody into account), Trustworthiness (you trust and you are trusted), Cooperation (everybody contributing and helping each other), Responsibility (one for all, all for one), and Openness (not thinking your idea is the best, being open to learning). These values were well present during our group work, and when the course went by, these values became even stronger and more visible. 

We were given 6 weeks to create some sort of production, that would benefit all of us in working life. During the first class, we started sharing ideas in the dialogue circle and came up with the decision that we want to focus on conflict prevention. The choosing process was very easy. We chose this topic because it is interesting and helpful. Conflicts are present in our everyday lives. They can evolve during life in the university and work but also at home. Therefore it is important to know how to prevent bad conflicts and how conflicts can be handled. If we can handle conflicts well they can turn to be beneficial for us. 

We decided to divide the big group for 4 smaller groups, and each of the groups focused on one area of conflict: defining a conflict, how to prevent conflict, examples of conflict and conflict resolution. We decided to bring the topics together by making a Prezi presentation, that would create a storyline of the conflict. The final presentation was very good and we were happy of how it turned out. 

See the Prezi here!