Giving and receiving feedback as an employee

The KKENVAL4 course was held in Zoom because of the coronavirus situation. We were a group of 13 students from different fields, such as social sciences, ICT, journalism, communication science, and administrative sciences. There were no international students in this course for obvious reasons.

Our topic for the group task was giving and receiving feedback as an employee. We chose this subject, because it seemed to suit everyone. There are still some taboos regarding feedback in working life, such as an employee giving feedback to their employer. Also, we will likely profit from this topic, because we will be dealing with feedback in working life.
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We chose to use Prezi as the platform for our presentation, since we believed it was easily accessible for everyone doing distance work. We experienced some problems accessing the editing rights, but that was mainly because some students didn’t have an account. We did consider other ways and platforms, such as a video presentation. However, we ended up using Prezi, because it was a new platform to some of us, and we were curious to try it out.

The course seemed to move along quite quickly, and there were some worries about running out of time. Despite the feeling of rush we managed to create a presentation we are happy with. We hope that you find the presentation useful!

Here’s the link to our presentation:

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