Spring 2020: We are a group of 19 students from different backgrounds. We all were Finnish speaking students, but of course in this course we used English when doing the group work. The group work was about learning about self-management and making a presentation about it. It was easy to choose self-management as the topic, because we had quite same interests. We chose this topic, because we thought that it might help us in our studies and future work life.

When working, we divided our big group in smaller ones and each small group had different subject to find information and prepare short presentation about that subject. We made plans and goals for each session, because we wanted this group work ready in given time.

In the final presentation we present shortly what self-management is, and then we tell about task management, time management and also how personality and behaviour affect self-management. In the presentation we have the academic references listed at the end, and when we used pictures, the resource and reference is found when clicking the picture (the reference shows then).

Our group values were responsibility, cooperation (helpfulness), creativity, humour and respect (patience). We feel that out group work was successful and we worked well together.

Presentation: Self-Management

We signed our group work as a symbol of agreeing and completing this project together: