The Ultimate Survival Guide for Intercultural Communication


We are a group of 22 students from different backgrounds and we wanted to make a guide on how to act/work in a work environment/organizational world. We want to show multicultural differences and ways of interacting. In the video we have scenes of “Do’s” and “Dont’s” in different cultures, in different situations. The cultures we are representing are Finnish, German, Slovakian, Hong Kong, Italian and Brazilian. We wanted to have a humorous take on our group task and make it fun. In our first session we decided our group values and the work was based on those values. Our group values were Respect (trusting the others’ competence, not judging), Cooperation (agreeing on the task, working together, compromising when needed), Patience (giving everybody the time to express themselves, not putting pressure on others, being patient with the process and people’s abilities), Helpfulness (giving support and making others feel that they are heard) and Responsibility (making your own contribution).


The idea for the work came up easily and we did not have many discussions about it. The process started with brainstorming the situations and deciding which countries would represent each scene. We thought about the do’s and don’ts for each scene and decided to choose the ones which stood out and were the most common and showed the most particular part in each country. We divided our group into smaller groups and each one had one scene to film. The filming turned out to be the funniest part of the work even though we expected it to be difficult. We didn’t have any specific script and the scenes were mostly improvised, because we didn’t want to make it too complicated. After shooting we edited the film together and added special effects for some scenes. We are satisfied with the project result and most importantly, it was a fun process!


See the video here!