We are a group that comes from very different backgrounds. We are education students, psychology students, administrative science students, political science students, sociology students, logopedics students, computer science students, translation students, economic science students and exchange students. Everyone had to use English to work together. We wanted to do something where everyone is involved so we decided to work in five small groups. Every group was in charge of one value. Each group wrote their own scripts, sharing the responsibilities equally between participants. We thought that this way was the best to ensure that everyone could participate.

We decided to make an educational video of our five different values and how they should be presented in the workplace. Our values in this video are the same ones that we decided to be our guidelines for this course. We also defined them so that we would have a common understanding of what they represent. Our five values are:

  • Respect (listening to each other, valuing each other’s opinions, trying not to judge)
  • Responsibility (all contribute to the task, are on time, do not miss classes)
  • Equality (everyone is as important and contributes as equally as possible)
  • Helpfulness (helping in communication, having good will, creating an open atmosphere)
  • Freedom (be who you are, free to make mistakes)

The goal with the video was how to apply these values in our working lives. The video shows the do’s and don’ts of certain situations where the values are present. We wanted to represent these in a fun way so we decided that a video was a creative way to do it. We used dialog as a way to put the ideas together and communicate with each other. We were surprised how well the work went forward in the dialog circle. We discussed the bigger aspects of our group task as a whole group. We did the practical part of it in smaller groups so the process went smoothly and easily.

Group Video:


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