1) Pyynikki

First a quick introduction of who we are. We are Miika and Iina from Finland, Saskia from Germany and me, Matthäus from Austria.

During other upcoming meetings Miika and Iina will teach us the Finnish language and culture while we will give our best to help them with their German.

For our first meeting we met in the center of the beautiful little city Tampere, with the intention from our groups Finnish half to show, us foreigners, the city.

Besides seeing the city, another goal of this meeting was to get to know each other better and to find out how serious we want to learn each other’s language. While Miika and Iina would like to truly study the German language, Saskia and me are more relaxed about learning Finnish language as well as culture and customs.

As the question about our favourite places in Tampere arose, Iina suggested to show us hers and that is what we did. We walked to Pyyniki beach.

Standing there on a rock and having nice a conversation, I probably saw one of the greatest sunsets I have ever seen in my life. Unluckily I forgot my camera! Although it was a bit cold with the wind the view was tremendously beautiful.

What a great first meeting and what an incredible sunset.

I am really looking forward to start teaching German as well as getting to know Finnish language and culture better.




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