25/09/2016 - 2nd meeting Hungarian/French

For this meeting on the 25th of September, we met at Tamás’ flat in the north of Tampere. We talked about French and Hungarian movies, actors and music. Tamás and Rebeka also showed me on the computer the traditional dance of their country called ‘Csárdás’. It was interesting because in France we don’t really have a traditional dance. If you want to see how to dance the ‘Csárdás’, you can have a look on this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKKM8J3y3G0

Rebeka was very interested in French movies and French actors. So we talked about the French movie ‘Intouchables’ or ‘Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain’. And Tamás teach me about the basics in grammar (personal pronouns for example, basic verbs and basic sentences). I also learnt new words in Hungarian! It’s very interesting but still so difficult to pronounce all the words!


  • I am: Én vagyok     /     I am 22 years old: Én 22 éves vagyok
  • You are: Te vagy     /     You are 21 years old: Te 21 éves vagy
  • He / She / It is: Ő van     /     He is 25 years old: Ő 25 éves
  • We are: Mi vagyunk     /     We are Hungarians: Mi magyarok vagyunk
  • You are: Ti vagytok     /     You are strong: Ti erődök vagytok
  • They are: Ők vannak     /     They are kind: Ők kedves


New words – Clothes = Ruhák:

  • Coat: Kabát
  • Hat: Sapka
  • Sweatshirt, Jumper: Pulóver
  • Shocks: Sokk
  • Shoes: Cipő
  • Tee-shirt: Póló
  • Skirt: Szoknya
  • Sun: Nap
  • Flower: Virág
  • Ground, Earth: Föld
  • Mountain: Hegy
  • Wind: Szél
  • Rain: Eső
  • Snow: Hó
  • Tree: Fa
  • People, man, person: ember


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