25th of December

I and Yuki went for a morning walk to Messukylä’s Old Church that is the oldest building in Tampere (been there from 1400?). We could not get inside  but I told few facts about the church and it’s yard.

After freshing walk we baked Ginger bread cookies ( I prefer dough and Yuki baked cookies).

We also taught each other (and learned together from youtube) some ayatori that is old Japanese string game for children. It was fun!

Hammock from youtube
Hammock from youtube

After eating Christmas food with my living relatives and watching a serious British movie named Fish Tank,  I and Yuki talked about mening of Christmas and New Year in Finland and Japan. Christmas is more important in Finland and New Year is more important in Japan.

Some random stuff I learned:
Morumotto = marsu = a guinea pig
shirasu sushi = sushi with huge amount of tiny fishes on it (too salty for me)
kamaboko = funny eatable stuff made from fish meat and bones
azuki, ogura = red bean (-paste)
Naka ni … wa haitte imasu ka? = Does this have… in it?

And lot more… 😀 Internet and free flowing conversations (+ some tea) are great! Explaining, showing and learning is so much easier with internet and pictures. :3


Really great that Yuki got a chance to experience all these Christmas-related things with you Iris!

Henri Annala

12.1.2015 10:32

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