#4 Having lunch and taking short quiz

[4] 19.2 Sun, 12:00-14:00 Having lunch and taking short quizreceived_10211999640768780

Actually I missed some buses and it took so long to get the Fazer café which was our meeting place because sadly I lived a place having rare bus and it was on Sunday. (Moreover, I had burned my whole pot so I should solve that problem related to the ventilation of the kitchen:<) For those reasons, I went there late and missed quite many parts of it. Fazer café was crowded with many people and it had many food which smelled so nice. We had time to remind of what we had learned last time and talked about Lapland where Hyunsoo, Jieun and me went between these two lectures. And also about Paris as Jieun wanted to go to Paris in a few days. It was interesting to listen to it.


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