4th Meeting – Sauna time! PL/FI

Rauhaniemi beach (pl – plaża, fi – ranta) is known as a place to chill and relax in the summertime and also in wintertime. We went to experience traditional Finnish way of spending time during cold days. All Finns love it, and we also did! Sauna!

There is no culture of a sauna in Poland so for us, it was pretty fascinating. What surprised me the most, was grill outside of the building and people could warm up their sausages (pl – kiełbasa, fi – makkara). There were also some people drinking beer (pl – piwo, fi – olut) inside of the sauna. It was something weird for me.

Adam was so brave to get into cold water after spending few minutes in the hot sauna. I did it for the fifth time. Amazing experience possible only in the north of Europe. We could see that sauna is very important for Finns. For the one who is scared to go there, don’t be! It’s really worthful. After that, you feel so fresh inside of your body and even your mind.

We spend a nice time together with Elisa, sharing our knowledge in the topic of a sauna.



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