5th Meeting (Thai & Finnish) - Baking Karelian Pie

Karelian pie

Learning how to bake Karekian pie from scratch

On our fifth meeting (30/03/2022), I had Cecilia over to my apartment to bake Karelian Pie, a traditional finnish pastry, together. The shell dough and rice filling was very easy to make but folding it in a good shape is quite challenging. Cecilia did great with it since she is quite experienced and Oat also put a twist in by making it in a dumpling shape!

I really enjoyed baking this Karelian pie since I already love baking and this pie tastes very nice. Oat and I also learned that the pie should be eaten with butter or egg butter, and we just found out we did it wrong all the time! Oat likes eating the pie with jam while I like it with honey. I’m grateful we finally got to know the right way to eat (and bake) it!


Written by: Natnaree (Mint) Wangthamkua


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