8th meeting: Brander again

Instead of exploring more of Tullintori, we decided to go to Brander again – after all, it is very cozy, even though this time we had to sit in the corridor otside the cafe walls, as the tables inside were full. It was no problem, though, since it is still not in the street, but in the shopping mall.

Like we always do, we talked about this and that, just a conversation, mostly about everyday life topics. On a more cultural note, I shared my experience of trying out mämmi, and Ida explained my mistake to me. I tried – and, like many other foreigners before and probably after me, failer, – to eat it just as it is. Apparently, however, you should add lots of cream and sugar.

I don’t have sugar at home, though, just sugar cubes. I wonder if honey could work as a replacement… Or is it already too late for mämmi?

Anyway, the next meeting will be even more interesting, because we’re meeting at Ida’s place. Soon, actually. VERY soon, so I should finish this report about our last meeting a few days ago and start towards Messukylä 🙂


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