8th meeting Luiza&Emilia

In this meeting, we talked about our dreams for the future and our life inspirations. I told Emilia that I don’t really know what I want right now but the goal is to get my degree and get a stable job. When it comes to my personal life, I dream about having someone loving by my side and having a family someday. When it comes to work/study, I’m interested in project management, translations, multicultural companies and how to work with international people effectively.

My inspiration is my mom in everything I do, she is the strongest and smartest person I know, besides being a great mom. She left home with a gun on her face and started her entire life alone and strong as nobody else. She was always able to achieve all the goals she had for herself and her life so that’s why she inspires me. 

Emilia told me that her dreams are to keep learning, work as an entrepreneur, and change people’s lives using her knowledge and abilities. I hope she can achieve everything she wants <3

The vocabulary we learned during our conversation was definitely not that much if compared to the other meetings, but sometimes we just need to talk and connect in order to learn something new.


Minä elän unelmaani todeksi  – I’m living my dream to become true – Eu estou vivendo para meu sonho se tornar real.


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