9th Meeting - a relaxing day

Our 9th meeting turned out a little different for me as I caught a cold. My group met up to do a relaxing beautty and spa day, so I decided to just haev a relaxing sit close to the window, get some tea and translate my favourite finnish song.

Whenever I could not translate a word or guess the context, I noted it and sent the words to my group to translate.

The song is by the band Korpiklaani and called “Sanaton maa” – “speechless land”. Now as I translated it, I can see even more clearly why. It is about Finlands nature and the untouched areas on the countryside. Where the lakes have been hydrating the land for thousands of years, the trees keep their secrets and silence is the key to harmony and peace. This also gave a quite good explaination of the stereotypic finnish character of silence and mindfulness.


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