Amsterdam on 15.10.2016

Since we were in the Netherlands at Patty’s place (she lives 20-30 minutes from Amsterdam), I didn’t spend my whole time in Amsterdam (and I am really happy that I got to see way more than what most tourists see). We did go on Saturday though and I was so excited about going.

She had assured me that I’d absolutely love the city (and the Netherlands) but I had been a bit nervous before leaving for our trip since I felt like it was a lot of pressure to go see a place and decide if I wanted to spend a year there or not. I ended up completely falling in love though so we both worried for nothing. Amsterdam was so, so beautiful and I just wanted to stay there for longer. I couldn’t, since I had to come back to Tampere to keep going to school but I’ll definitely be back in the Netherlands soon.

When we were walking around, I asked Patty to teach me some Dutch sentences so  that I could practice my Dutch and talk to the local people (who I didn’t see that many of in the centre of Amsterdam). I actually did pretty well since I did use some of the questions she taught me (that can be found in her EOTO post) and people understood my Dutch even though I have an accent (Patty says I sound cute but she might just say that cause she’s my friend and doesn’t want to hurt my feelings). I was really, really happy. It’s incredible how much I’ve learned by just being motivated to learn.

I did teach the sentences to Patty in Finnish but we were more interested in the Dutch since we were in the Netherlands and in the shopping since we were on the shopping street in Amsterdam. We’ve officially taken our EOTO sessions international now.




It’s just great that you actually managed to visit Amsterdam during your EOTO course! Fantastic!!

Henri Annala

13.12.2016 13:24

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