Baking some muffins & dessert talk

As we both had time on Wednesday again, we meet for some baking in the kitchen. We got a gluten-free baking mixture and baked some muffins then. I´m gluten-intolerant, so it´s sometimes a bit hard to find something, but Finland has a pretty good selection of gluten-free stuff. The muffins turned out pretty good.

We both like desserts and talked about the typical desserts of our countries like chocolate and waffles for Belgium and Rote Grütze, apple strudel and kalter Hund for Germany.

Guilio told me the words for the ingredients for the muffins in French:

des œufs = eggs = die Eier

le lait = milk = die Milch

le chocolat = chocolate = die Schokolade

le sucre = sugar = der Zucker

la huile = oil = das Öl


I have a bit of a hard time with the French pronunciation because it´s very different from my language, but he told me how to speak it right. Also the French articles are a bit easier than the German one´s.




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