Eighth meeting: Card games

Learning German by playing card games.

On our eighth meeting, we had a lot of fun learning and playing card games.

We were trying to show each other card games that are especially popular in our home countries. We ended up playing Dutch, Cross7, and some other ones, but these I didn’t know before. As we were playing, we learned new words, such as:

  • Bube = Jack
  • Dama = Queen
  • König = King
  • Joker = Joker
  • Hertz vier = Four of hearts
  • Dein Zug/Du bist anzug = It’s your turn (when playing cards)

We were talking about things like the culture of playing card games in our country, how common is to play drinking games at a party, etc. We have discovered that there are differences between countries on this topic too.


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