Finnish - English #5: Reflection & Grammar

For this week, I had an extremely busy week due to collaborating with the Swiss team academy everyday, so Emilia and I decided to keep a more relaxing and shorter session. Unfortunately due to new Covid restrictions in the Pirkanmaa region, we had to keep our meeting online instead of having our usual coffee shop session.

First we talked a reflected a lot on the Swiss week and how things didn’t go entirely to plan, but we spoke in Finnish for this part since our entire week had been in English, and we wanted to switch things up. I had higher expectations for the week, and it was a little disappointing, however I did really enjoy meeting their team and starting a project with 2 of their members. Expressing this in Finnish felt pretty easy, and I noticed only a few times where I misused a work or used the wrong verb conjugation.

Then, we looked at some grammar. Emilia prepared me a Word document with some Finnish grammar activities and resources to use and study for our next meeting, where we will go over them more in depth and answer any questions. Then I prepared her a Word document on English grammar rules and some essay writing tips and tricks. I also provided her a great link to because they have great examples on English grammar and I have found them useful myself over the past few years.

After this, we switched to English to talk about our remainder of the schedule for the EOTO sessions. Since we are at the halfway point, it made it easier to look at what we had left, and what else we wanted to cover. We decided to push our essay deadline a little later because we didn’t get anything done due to the Swiss week, and also agreed to add in an outdoor day later in the spring when it hopefully warms up a little bit!

Then lastly, we discussed other languages and what we want to study in the future. We have both studied French in the past, and I am currently enrolled in a University French class which I am loving. I sent Emilia the links and some information on the course because she is considering starting French again after a 4 year break. She also wants to maybe study Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese! I personally love languages and have studied Spanish, Italian, and Italian, and always love talking about them. I hope she gets to study a language she enjoys during her studies 🙂


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