Finnish-German 3rd meeting

Some time ago I went to Kira’s place and we made German dessert, so this time she came to my apartment and we baked something Finnish! We made korvapuusteja, cinnamon buns. It was the first time for both of us. Finnish music was playing on the background, of course.

We talked mostly in Finnish. We talked about school, student events, our overalls etc. We also tried to remember kitchen and baking words. Kira also reminded me of how to tell the time in German, which I had forgotten for the most part!

Since it was the first time baking cinnamon buns for both of us, we put too little cinnamon and sugar inside them but next time we’ll know better! I didn’t have a rolling pin but a bottle in a bag worked at least almost as well. Kira’s buns looked soooo much better and prettier than mine, but luckily it didn’t affect the taste. They still tasted good:)


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