Finnish-German 7th meeting: sightseeing in Tampere

Today we decided to meet at the city centre and take a little walk. The weather was luckily very summery with lots of sunshine. I drew the route to the map that can be found below. It was really nice to walk around but I also noticed that there are many things I do not know about Tampere yet. Luckily we didn’t get lost, though 😀

While walking we talked about the covid situation and current restrictions but also about the summer and Finnish cities such as Hämeenlinna and Porvoo. After walking for a while we stopped to look at the views in Näsinpuisto which is one of my favourite spots in Tampere. The amusement park Särkänniemi got us talking about our amusement park experiences and the girls told me that in addition to amusement parks there are also funfairs (moving amusement parks) at least in some smaller German cities. It was quite interesting to hear, since they are also a tradition in Finland, especially during the 1st of May.

Next we stopped at Eteläpuisto to get a view of Pyhäjärvi. We talked about the things that Meike and Chiara miss from Germany and it was quite funny to hear that one of those things is the German bread. The thing that made it funny was that I have heard so many German students say the same. The bakery culture in Germany seems to be quite different from the Finnish one, since it’s not that common to go to buy bread from a bakery in Finland.

We ended up at Keskustori and sat down for a while with some tea and tippaleipä (funnel cake). The girls told me that there are not so many traditional pastries that are eaten on a specific day in Germany. One of these pastries, however, is “Faschingsküchle”, which is eaten during carnival. The dough is made quite similarly to bun dough but inside the pastry there can be e.g currant jam or chocolate. It sounds like something I would really love to try!

Next week we will meet to cook something Finnish at my place (and maybe play some alias). Looking forward to it!

View from Eteläpuisto:


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