Fourth meeting about trigger

We had the fourth meeting about the trigger on 27. Dec. It was a great chance to know each other further. As both of us are at the real beginning,  we started with basic users.

we studied three chapters: relationship, working life and countries, and cities. In general, we asked each other questions from the instruction and shared the answer in our own language. I really found it difficult to learn a language with several meetings and it was really interesting to know there are many differences in our cultures and people’s lifestyle. like the way how people address others and different transportations in our own hometown. In addition, it was kind of surprising to know that Jenni’s dream was to become a marine biologist. And we shared our favorite spot in our own hometown and introduced them. I found it wonderful as we really have many different habits and it helped me learn Finnish as well. I felt more interested in cultural differences and language.


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