French – German: Professional vocabulary

This week we decided to talk about some professional vocabulary. But first, we started our session by organizing our cooking experience for the upcoming week. We decided to have another short meeting beforehand where we would translate the recipes into English as well. This way, we have Leonie’s recipe in English and French.

After we had this part out of the way, we started by translating our CVs. When it was my turn to read out the French version of my CV, I realized that this was way over my current French level. I struggled a lot. But I also started to realize some things that I always get wrong and noted them down for me. Hopefully, this way I can stop making these mistakes.

While going through the CVs, we realized that school systems are often different in other countries, which makes it hard to describe your grade of education. Therefore, we decided to talk about the differences between the German and French school systems. While doing so, we realized that there are a lot of similarities between the German and French school systems. Leonie explained to us that they have changed it recently. She thinks that they have tried to copy the German system with these changes. Same as in Germany, there are also differences in the difficulty when you graduate from school based on your region. I personally think that this makes no sense and should be changed.


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