German food and Next level UNO.

After a long week of vacations, we gathered at Jacqueline’s place to try some German dishes. I arrive with Nedas at the given time. Maria was already there helping Jacqueline. Jacqueline’s roommates were also there. The first thing we tried out was the “Apfelsaftschorle”, I was told by Jacqueline that this is really common amongst Germans, they even water down wine with mineral water!

We were presented with the first dish ““Kartoffelsuppe.” It is a potage with a salty taste. The ingredients on the soup were:




bay leaves


vegetable broth.



I loved the dish even though it was a bit salty for my taste.

The second and third dish we tried out was “Maultaschen mit Kartoffelsalat” which was a basically a salad with the added potatoes, but my favourite dish was the “Maultaschen”  which was really similar to ravioli, but instead of the cheesy filling, they had a sort of ground meat filling. (If I can buy them somewhere around the airport in Munich on my way home I probably will.)

At this point of the meeting we were pretty full, but we power trough another dish and dessert. the last main dish we had was called “Kässpätzle”. This dish had pasta with a lot of cheese, some onions and it was cook on a pan. It was majestic, I truly love all of the dishes.

At the very end, we spend some time having fun. We played some UNO and we ate German chocolates. I learned that Ferrero is a German company that makes this chocolates called Duplo, they ressemble a similar brand that we have back in Mexico but with a different name.


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