JP- ENG - Meeting Four

Finally, Yuiko came to Finland and the three of us on the team met. Joni did not join this time due to some schoolwork.

Yuiko got me some snacks from Japan and some spices also, like curry. It was very nice to try them out. It was very special, especially being chosen by a local from the country I am very much interested in. That is also something I did not expect 😊

We talked a little bit and I helped with some English also as we talked. I learnt a lot about the Japanese snacks and things that Yuiko got. Also, Timo taught us about his dog and the area he comes from in Finland.

It was lovely meeting them in person. We didn’t have any challenges this time. We had a lot of fun and we agreed to meet again. And we went well with the plan of meeting and chilling.

Photo by Bagus Pangestu:


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