Library adventures aka the second meeting.

Our second EOTO-meeting took place in the public library on February 13th. The idea was to find some books, like pictionaries or easy-reads, to have some material for improving the vocabulary. I went through quite a memory lane back to my childhood as we tried to find the right section among the children’s books. Finally, we found some really good ones like 1000 words in Finnish and “Opi saksaa Akun ja Mikin kanssa”. Especially this ‘learn German with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse’ -book was great as it was useful for both of us.

This time we went trough some vocabulary. We leaned some words used in kitchen, some about street views or city life, also some verbs. The main focus was on pronounciation. The most horrible sentence was found in the Donald Duck book that had so many S -letters I wasn’t able to say it, Β just horrible! It isn’t possible for a Finnish to get it right.

Amelie found also her new favourite Finnish word: Mahdotonta! It’s actually quite useful as one can respond to almost anything with only that one word ‘impossible’. However, in my opinion she sounded like an old lady when she repeated it over and over again. Her pronounciation is getting better πŸ™‚

I think the books were useful and a good way to have some material to rely on and to use maybe also in future meetings as well.


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