MEETING 10. - last one

Our last chat was about last days here in Tampere and the future.

We had our last meeting online, as I’m currently in Tallinn. First I told the girls a bit about Tallinn. It’s quite cold here at the moment, too cold for a city trip. It’s -20 degrees in Tallinn.

The Spanish girls didn’t know that there is a heat device for the hands called “Taschenwärmer” in German.

As Laura’s and my time here is slowly coming to an end, we talked a lot about the past. About our time in Tampere and how we liked it. We also talked about our plans for the future.

The Spanish girls were very interested in our trip to Lapland two weeks ago. We talked a bit about our experience, or rather laura talked about the time we spent there. Unfortunately, I fell very ill during the bus trip and spent the whole time in bed in Lapland. I had very high fiber. So for me the trip was very bad. Unfortunately, the others didn’t see any auroras, but they still had a really good time there I think.

We have all been to the “mercadillo de navidad” Christmas market in Tampere, which we all liked, except for the expensive „glögi”. Carla and Marlen also told us about the light shows on Independence Day. The Finns take advantage of the fact that it is so dark here.

We are all looking forward to going home to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with our loved ones.

We have always enjoyed our meetings and want to stay in touch. It was a good time!

Adios & Tschüss!


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