Meeting 6 - Coffee and Tea in Hervanta

Image of a coffee

Martin, Stefan and I met for coffee and tea for our sixth meeting.

Myself and my Each One Teach One Partners had been away for a while on different trips and had not met in a while. I had been at home for a while in Ireland and had just returned, and so I told the guys about my trip and the differences between Ireland and Finland. Martin had travelled to the Lofoten Islands in Norway and told us about his trip there which sounded amazing. We then spoke about plans to visit friends we had made over the period of the Erasmus and how easy/difficult it would be for each of us to do so. For instance, Stefan is living in Germany where a lot of the exchange students are from. As well as this, it is located in the centre of Europe which makes visiting other countries easy. Martin is almost the same, perhaps slightly further from the other exchange students. For me however, it is more difficult as there is no option to visit my new friends but to fly. This is slightly sad as it means I will not see many of these people again.


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