Meeting 9 Beauty Night

Nail polish, face masks and language learning

Our ninth meeting was themed as a beauty night. We had brought many products to try, and we started with painting our nails. This kind of activity was perfect for recollecting basic vocabulary like colors, especially for the Finnish learners. While our nail polish was drying, we made face masks and drank some tea.

I asked a lot about German vocabulary and phrases related to beauty and skincare. As we have gotten to know each other more at this point already, we also discussed multiple topics related to the differences and similarities in Finnish, Hungarian and German (student) culture. We also took pictures with our face masks on, because we looked like ghosts and criminals in them. This also evoke a conversation on German vocabulary related to these topics.

Some vocabulary I learned:

  • hair elastic = Haargummi / Softgummi
  • to paint nails = Nägel lackieren
  • to be enough = reichen
  • to reach / to achieve = erreichen
    • the tower reaches to the sky = den Turm reicht bis den Himmel
  • ghost = der Geist
  • burglar = der Räuber


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