Meeting at Rauhaniemi

Our second Spanish-German meeting took place in Rauhaniemi’s lake, because we wanted to take advantage of the good weather, although it was quite cold! We bought some snack at a supermarket (some muffins and chips) and then went to the lake.

First, we tried to remember what we learned last time: number and basic expressions. Then we started learning and teaching new things. This time, we learned how to introduce ourselves, what we like and what we are afraid of: “Hello, my name is Jon and I am 21 years old. I come from Bilbao, Spain. I like meeting my friends and doing sports. I am afraid of outer space and bees“. So if I try to remember it…”Hallo, mein Name ist Jon und ich bin 21 (einundzwanzig) Jahre alt. Ich komme aus Bilbao, Spanien / Ich lebe in Bilbao, Spanien. Ich mag meinen Freunden treffen und Sport machen. Ich fürchte mich den Weltraum und die Bienen“.

Additionally, we learned to conjugate regular verbs in present tense. For example: leben (to live):

(I) Ich lebe
(You, singular) Du lebst
(He/She/It) Er/Sie/Es lebt
(We) Wir leben
(You, plural) Ihr lebt
(They) Sie leben

I also learned that Swiss people use to pronounce a strong “r”, while people from Germany not.

I loved this meeting, because we had a very nice time, again laughing and learning things from our different cultures.


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