For the 6th meeting we decided to meet at a bar and learn some free time related vocabulary, like how to order a drink for example. We met at Kivenheitto and we were supposed to play billiard but sadly the bar was really crowded for a Wednesday so we had to settle for a few games of table football. I am writing this post a few months late so I am not sure what the final score was but I am pretty sure I won… Memories grow sweeter with time.

After my supposed victory we went to a different, less crowded, bar called Salhojankadun Pub. I’ve heard that it is the oldest pub in Tampere and it is very conveniently located right downstairs from my apartment. At Salhojankadun Pub we enjoyed a few drinks and talked about vocabulary related to bars and drinks.

I had such a great time and I am looking forward to actually using these phrases someday!



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