Sauna and Survival with a German guy !

New meetings with Michèl. He is my second group and we never do simple meeting in a coffee or this kind of meeting. The last one was the trip in St Petersburg, this time we went to a new sauna in the woods and then to the survival week-end of TAMK !

First of all the Sauna, we have already been to Rauhaniemen few times but this time we tried another one further in the woods. I love sauna and often, even if he lives a bit far from the sauna Michel join as often as possible. He is always trying to speak French and he asks me a lot of questions about the vocabulary and the construction of the sentences. This time he asks me about the temperatures, the heater, how to say “to be naked” and so on.


There were two lights in the lake at 5 meters from the edge and another at 10 meters and we settle a little challenge which was to reach the second one in the really cold water (2°). He did it easily but I tried something funnier and I went to a pontoon 15meters away.

Even if it was the last time I saw people of this group (because they were leaving Finland the day after) but it was a good day.  In the second part of this post I will speak about the survival weekend !
The survival weekend it’s two days, two night in the middle of the woods (Seitseminen Parc) in a cottage without electricity nor tap water. Our task were to chop wood, pump water, makes fires and so on. The first day we were really interested to go to sauna so we went to start the fire and we enjoyed the sauna ! The rest of the weekend we played games, we did little Olympiads and speak with others people. The atmosphere in the cottage was really cosy.

In each activity Michèl tried to speak In French and even if all his sentences are not perfect I always understood what he meant so it was really fun. I taught him lot’s words like : Bequilles – CrutchesBougies – CandlesCire – WaxTapis – CarpetIl fait froid – It’s cold
Il fait chaud – It’s warm  It was a really good weekend really fun and without any electronics devices so we were encourage to interact with every people !


I’m glad you survived! Taking photos without electronic devices is a handy skill – or then you have one of those old-fashioned film cameras 😉

Henri Annala

24.11.2014 15:14

You are faster than me with the post 😀
Good one and lucky you having pictures … no electronic devices … ^^

Michel Duckstein

23.11.2014 20:04

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