Second meeting - Party!

Irene and I were going to the same party and we met there. This was an amazing night and the party was awesome!

Last Friday me and Irene went to the same party and we had a blast! We went to club Klubi in the city center and there were many other International students as well. We talked for awhile about our Erasmus experience and we danced a bit. I really liked this meeting since we both love partying and listening to music. I didn’t really improve my language skills, but I definitely got to know Irene a bit better. So I would say that I improved my social skills.

This was the second meeting of the Each one Teach one course and it was totally different than the first one. The first meeting was in a chill and relaxed setting and this was in a party setting.

The next time we would like to meet with the three of us instead of seperately so we can make this even a better experience. Going for a walk or getting a coffee somewhere would be a good setting for some nice conversations.

If you’re partying you’re not going to talk for a long time, so we didn’t really had a long/deep conversation. Also, I didn’t achieve my goal of talking in Spanish. The next time I should aim at achieving that goal.


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