Soccer night

There was a soccer game on the screen in the sportsbar Krouvi. We went to watch it and had a couple of beers as well. The match was Bayern München and AS Roma. And Germany won, sehr gut!

Soccer is a big thing in Germany but I haven’t really followed it. Last summer when I was in England for a week the World Cup was on. I was in a pub when Germany and Brazil played and there were some german tourists celebrating hard when they got into the final. The people there were so enthusiastic for soccer and the atmosphere was really good. And I was happy when finally Germany won the whole thing! Too bad Finland never plays in the World Cup, would be fun.

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So far I feel a bit more confident in speaking German than I was before the EOTO course. I checked the preliminary plan of ours and although we haven’t quite followed the order we have done many of those thing we had planned, like got to know some sports culture and local drinks. And we still have many meetings to go.

Bye for now


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