Summary of performance “Painomustetta”- “Print ink"


It was the story of four persons who were in an orphanage when they were yang. During their life happen mystery. Mysteries present some story about enigmatic disappearance mailman and murder. The case hadn’t been solved for years and those four people become adults and you could see glimpses of their adult lives.

All in all, it was kind of just an accident.
During our meeting №10, we discuss Leila playing. I was asking about the meaning of words what I noted during play, as well I try to explain to Leila what I understand from the performance. More or less I understand some of the ideas, but in general, it was nice to listening explanation what it’s really mean and compeer with imagination what you had.
Our second topic was celebrations. We were talking about 1th of May, Vappu traditions.
In Russia, they also have the celebration at that day, but it’s a bit different. For Tampere people it very important time. They take white chaps and hang out everywhere during the day and night, make barbecue. Much important for yang students during this time are immersed into the river.
The last topic what we catch it was about food and Working, repeating hard sound and letters like: ч, ц, ж, ш, щ, ch, c, z; correcting pronunciation.
I introduce some main fruits, vegetables, and another word what could be useful for the beginning (and not only). Leila makes notes and tries to read. She was really good and very fast catch the sound of words only a few of them make difficulties. It was a great job.
Есть- eat
Я ем, ты ешь, он/она/ оно ест, мы едим, они едят, вы едите.
(мы едим…)
Пить- drink
Я пью, ты пьёшь, Он/Она/Оно- пьёт, мы- пьём, вы- пьёте, Они пьют.

Вода water
Кофе- coffee,
Чай- tea,
Молоко- milk
Пиво- beer
Вино- wine
Масло- butter
Яйцо/яйца- egg/s
Курица- chicken
Рыба- fish
Колбаса- sausage
Мясо- meet
Хлеб- bread
Булка- bun
Торт- cake
Мороженоe- ice-cream
Шоколад- chocolate
Картофель- potato
Морковь- carrot
Огурец- cucumber
Помидор- tomato
Капуста- cabbage
Горох- peas
Лук- onion
Чеснок- garlic
Грибы- mushrooms
Яблоко/и – apple/s
Груша- pear
Клубника- strawberry
Слива- plum
Виноград- grape
Лимон- lemon
Апельсин- orange
Банан- banana
Корица- cinnamon


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