Tenth meeting: This is not a farewell

The last meeting was on Saturday, April 30, and from what you can guess, it was also online. We were very sad to have one last meeting and more online, but due to time and circumstances we cannot meet more times.

This last meeting we continued talking about the Erasmus experience. We came to the conclusion that although at first glance it may seem like a hard experience since you distance yourself from all your family and friends, it is something that only adds to you and makes you a better person. For this reason, we recommend it to everyone.

We also talk about everything that this subject has brought us together, since it has made us get to know each other better and today we have a lot of confidence. Without a doubt, I am taking with me a treasure of everything I have learned, especially the German language, customs and traditions, something that filled me with hope when I started this subject, since I had never learned German before. Now I can have greetings and farewells in German, as well as get to know the most popular type of music in Germany, the typical reality shows there, and some of its festivities.

We also learned some words (in my case in German) also related to Erasmus.

  • Exchange: Austausch
  • Student: student
  • Classmates: Klassenkameraden
  • Experience: Erfahrung
  • To travel: reisen
  • Nationalities: Nationalitäten
We recommend the Erasmus experience to everyone and we feel very proud to have met.


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