Tenth meeting: Hike

Hike and barbecue on a sunny day.

On our tenth meeting, we went for a hike. The weather was nice, the sun was shining. It was a perfect day for outside activities.

We had a fireplace in our mind, where we wanted to go. The trail which goes there was still a bit snowy and slippery, but we had to go through the forest. The fresh air of the forest and the birds chirping were amazing. We were talking about Finnish forests (how safe they are, what kind of animals are living there etc.) and shared stories about our experiences of getting lost in the forest or somewhere else.

After half an hour or so, we got to the fireplace, which was next to a lake. Other people were already using the fire and they let us join them. We brought veggie sausages and marshmallows and with more or less success, we toasted them over the fire.

On our way back we all shared our impressions of the meetings we had. I myself very much enjoyed our meetings. We were laughing a lot, tried new things out, saw new places and I feel that every time we had a meeting, I got to learn something new. We decided that we will meet again sometime, even if this was our last meeting.


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