The 4th meeting: tea and coffee at Solu, lunch at the cafeteria

This time, as we both had a long break between classes on Wednesday, Ida and I decided to meet at TAMK main campus. The meeting started at Solu, since 12:30 is a bit too early for lunch from my point of view. In Russia, we eat lunch much later – so, I guess one can say that Ida learned some cultural information the hard way 🙂 Not exactly the target culture, though, but still…

Anyway, as planned, this time we spoke only Swedish – and the main topic was our handmade projects. It wasn’t exactly easy, though, trying to explain knotting in Swedish. Ida helped with the vocabulary, but she does not – or, hopefully DID not – know the subject, so I had to use visual aids a lot. That is, the small portable table at Solu was the only thing actually visible, and the rest I tried to show with gestures. But I think I managed at least the general stuff 🙂 Anyway, we can revise everything next time when I bring some photos of the process. Pity I remembered only too late there actually is some yarn at Solu! – I was so concentrated on speaking Swedish I did not notice it basically lying around there!

Talking about Ida’s knitting plans was easier, because I used to knit myself some years ago. Although, naturally, there were a lot of new words there, because I have never tried following knitting instructions in Swedish 🙂

So, next time hopefully both languages.


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