The eighth meeting : Finnish time

we have  the eighth meeting in the library of TAMK today. And I have learned some daily words and sentences about the time. the contents are as follows:

when does class begin?      = milloin kurssi alkaa?

when do your finnish class end?  =million sinun suomen kussi coppuu?

a cup of coffee, please=Kuppi teetä, kiitos.

What does beer taste like?=Miltä olut maistuu?

I think Finland is a beautiful country.=Minusta Suomi on kaunis maa.

some words are as follows:

yksi 1 o’clock                                      kaksi 2 o’clock

kolme 3 o’clock                                 ivelja 4 o’clock

viisi 5 o’clock                                       kuusi 6 o’clock

seitseman 7 o’clock                         kahdeksan 8 o’clock

Yudeksan 9 o’clock                           kymmenen 10 o’clock

YKSitoista 11 o’ clock                      kasitoista 12 o’clock

I really learned a lot today. Now I am able to speak some of the basic sentences and words using Finnish in my daily life. definitely, Rulis is a good Finnish teacher. Thanks a lot!



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