The german carnival culture - 7th meeting

The 7th Each One Teach One meeting was focussed on the german carnival culture. Therefore, we sat down in a coffee and looked at some iconic pictures.

In germany, especially the region arround Mainz and Köln, have a huge carnival culture. Traditionally the 5th season “silly season” starts at 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th of November. The origin actiually lies back in the medieval times, where monks and spiritual people dressed as deamons to evict all the bad spirits.

Nowdays it has become way more political and people build carts with a special theme, to put certain circumstances into the spotlight. People dress up as anything they want to. Some go out as clowns, cowboys or animals. Others really take a huge effort to create a impressive disguise.

While we talked about these things, we also translated the disguises into our native languages. Several animals, jobs and historical cultures were translated.

All in all it was a fun meeting where I also learned quite new things about the german habits.


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