The lasting meeting

we had our last meeting today. As before, I have learned lots of daily expressions in Finnish.  And I would say, my partner Rulis is really a good language teacher. until now, I have acquired lots of  Finnish phases which can be used in the daily communications.  The contents I have learned in this are as follows:

aamulla=in the morning

aamupäivällä=before noon

päivällä=in the midday

iltapäivällä=in the afternoon

illalla=in the evening

yöllä=in the night

punainen  = red



valkoinen  =white





These are all the contents I learned in this lesson. even though this is the last lesson for EOTO course, but my passion of learnig Finnish cannot be blocked, so in the following day, I will still try to grasp any kinds of opportunity to learn Finnish and Finnish culture. And I believe that I can speak Finnish pretty well in the future.




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