We spent our 9th meeting for Vietnamese language class because I think I did not actually help Jetro much in developing Vietnamese language skill which is for him just to acquire the basic level and to be able to use some of them in reality when he can travel to Vietnam. This day the topic was about how to say: ‘I like, I want, I love, I need’ in Vietnamese. As usual, I use Google Docs to support me in teaching. I taught him by explaining the meaning of these and giving examples of each cases. I considered that these examples maybe will be used by him in the reality in future trip like: ‘I want to buy apples, I want to buy clothes, I want to buy the travel ticket, I want to buy souvenirs, I want to buy a beer, I want to buy fruits, I want to swim in the ocean, I want to take shower’ or ‘ I like to eat phở, I like to sunbath’ or ‘ I love you, I love nature’, or ‘  I need a tooth brush, I need money, I need to withdraw cash (from bank or ATM), I need to go to supermarket’. It seems that he was interested to learn about these. I found out he was quite fast to learn those phrases and he could speak it naturally as a real Vietnamese. However, I think he needs more chances to practise and remember these phrases. Hopefully, he will be able to practise by himself or even in the reality and surely if he needs me to help him clarify something else, I am willing to do so. He also shared that he would love to come to Vietnam by an exchange study program. That sounds a good idea. I am quite sure that he will enjoy living there as other foreigners are doing so in Vietnam.


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