We were finally able to meet!

I arrived in Tampere in mid-December, and I was looking forward to doing face to face with Nadine, Timo and Joni as soon as possible. I contacted them before my arrival, and we decided to meet at a cafe.

Unfortunately, Joni wasn’t there due to his holidays, but we promised to have our session again after winter holidays.

I gave them Japanese snacks as souvenir from Japan. I was surprised that Timo have already known the taste of ‘maccha (抹茶)’. For Nadine, she is familiar with Japanese food, so I gave her a stock cube for making curry and rice (a Japanese home-cooked meal).

Nadine introduced me to one of the ramen shop in Tampere. In Japan, it is recognized that making noise to eat noodles is good in general. However, ‘do in Finland as the Finnish do,’ I should to confirm the custom of Finland. It was kind of uncomfortable for me to eat soundlessly, but I again realized ‘I am in different country’ at that time.


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