What about a French movie ? 🇫🇷

Today, our meeting was about French movies. We met at school because it’s located between our both houses, so it’s more easier for each. It was a very interesting meeting, as we were ” Teachers”, I really liked showing french “culture” 😀

First, we talked about French famous actor and actress. As there are many, we mentioned :

  • Gérard Depardieu acting in the famous movie “Asterix et Mission Cleopatre”
  • Omar Sy,  one of the most funny actor, who acts in “Intouchable”
  • Gad Elmaleh, actually it’s an humorist, but he has many talents, and especially actor. I like him acting in “Coco”
  • Sophie Marceau, one of the most beautiful and most famous actress in France, because she plays in many movies, since she is fourteen. She was spotted in “La boom”, her best movie.

Then, we watched one of our famous cartoon when Camille and I were young : ” Oui-Oui”. It was really funny because watching it when you’re 20 years old is not the same as you’re 7 years old, so we laugh a lot about used words and the gesture of the characters.

Then, we show to Alessandro some extracts of movies, and especially favourites movies of Camille and I :

  • “Camping” : Some friends go together on holidays in Camping in the south of France, and many stories happened like marital problems, or friendship … It’s actually French humour.
  • ” Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu” : A French Catholic couple has 4 daughters. Three of them got married with men of others origins/ religions( One chinese, one muslim, and one jewish). The parents have strict opinion about others ” nationality”. So, they hope that the youngest girl will get married with a french catholic. The movie deals with racism in an humouristic way. 

We couldn’t end this meeting without talking about iconic movies, so we suggest Rabbi Jacob, “Les Bronzés” , “La boom” , “Bienvenue chez les Chtis”.

Finally, we went back to the past to refers to history of cinema. In France,  cinéma was born in 1895 in Paris. It comes with the Lumières brothers. The colored movies appeared in the sixties in 1967, which was a real change for the cinema.

It was a pleasure to share our knowledge about french cinema, and I can’t wait to meet again to discover Italian cinema! 🙂


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