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Greetings from The Netherlands! The Netherlands is a flat country in the heart of Europe and travelling from here to other European countries is extremely easy and quick. I’m staying in Utrecht which is a lovely student city near Amsterdam. But basically, The Netherlands is such a small country that nothing is far from Amsterdam.:D

utrecht vkl 010

utrecht vkl 016

I have totally fallen in love with Utrecht with all its cute streets, old buildings, canals, biking and friendly people. Cycling is actually a big part of people’s everyday life here and I have adapted to that pretty easily. I do like cycling around the city and to school as well. Cycling with friends all day long, having coffee and lunch in the city and sleeping is just perfect on a lazy Sunday. In addition to Utrecht, I really like Amsterdam and thus, I’d love to do my internship there.

Check out the link below. It is just a normal day in the Netherlands.

Of course, parties, travelling and hanging out with international friends is a big part of my life here but also studying takes a lot of time. I was actually surprised how much effort we are supposed to put on the school stuff, such as, group works, individual portfolios and finally, to the exams.:P However, I really enjoy my studies too even though they are tough sometimes. At least the classmates are super cool, teachers motivating and competent, and the given tasks are relevant.

We had our first wine tasting class yesterday and, believe or not, I love it!;D
We had our first wine tasting class yesterday and, believe me or not, I love it! ;D

I think that was my student life in Utrecht in a nutshell. I hope you all enjoy your life wherever you are!;)


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