New song creation on the spot!

New songs will be created on the spot during the Eye on Tampere Event. Come see the artistic process!

During the International Week of TAMK, students from three European music programs will be collaborating as part of the Erasmus short exchange program.

Coordinated by Belgian members of TAMK’s Emerging Media course, on 4th April Finnish students from the Music Production Study Path at TAMK, together with colleagues from the Academy of Fine Arts, Design & Pop Culture MINERVA in The Netherlands and Belgian musicians from PXL-Music will start to write new songs.

The song-writing happes in three-person teams, for the writers to learn the skills of working with strict deadlines within an intercultural context. In the morning they will receive instructions, and during the day they have time for the musical creation.

One song writer group has agreed to show us their creative process.

We will visit them and witness their progress in music-making! Join our event by signing up here, and get to know how to witness this musical adventure!

Also see the speakers at our Eye on Tampere event.