My experience as a patient-guide

On 28th March I served as a patient-guide (potilashelppari). The patient was an old lady, who had no previous experience about how to find the rollator, how to reach the target place, how to make registration for the required services and how to come back to her own way. I got this client through Fiiliskeskus Tamk.

I have had some previous experiences from helping work, what I like very much. Yet I had not previous experience like this. So, I was waiting eagerly to serve and obviously had some excitements. I met that lady at the front door in R-rakennus on agreement. The client does not speak english and we communicated in finnish. I helped her to find rollator, took her to the service desk, helped her to sign in for services and took her back to find taxi.

The patient said that she was tensed and nervous. However she felt relaxed when she met me. She was communicative and appreciated this kind of patient-guide service. She liked also my service and communication pattern. The client had plan to visit TAYS following week and asked if I could serve her again. I would serve her with pleasure, if I would not have other job agreed.




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