Learning: Singing and Dancing

In Gambian schools, there's a song for everything: how you welcome other people, how you brush your teeth or what you sing when you're about to go home. Singing is one of the main ways children are taught.

Hopefully on the way to Gambia!

The planning for the short exchange 2020 has begun and we are very excited for what's to come! The travel arrangements are almost done and at the moment, we are looking for potential partners and collaborators.

Last day at the MMK nursery school

On Friday we had our last day at the nursery school and it was full of joy and emotions. The purpose was to bring the two schools together and organise an experience day for the kids. We had made four stations and each station had it´s own function to do with senses. The day ended us singing and dancing together. We were quite emotional to say goodbye to the kids and MMK representatives.

"This isn't perfect. Do it again."

Free self-expression is a big part of learning in Finnish pre-schools. In The Gambia expressing yourself is not seen as important part of learning as in Finland.

Visiting Brikama

Today we had an unique opportunity to visit Brikama's maternity ward. We also had a tour around the facility. In the afternoon we visited University of The Gambia, Brikama campus.

From girl to woman

Menstruation and changes related to puberty can be a tabu subject in many developing countries. We had a unique opportunity to teach these subject to teenage girls in Gambian Secondary School.

"I'm a circumcised woman, but my children won't be"

It is estimated that 75% of Gambian girls go through genital mutilation in their childhood. The subject is controversial in the society: the tradition is strongly defended, but at the same time there are local women speaking against female genital mutilation. The training workshop we participated is a good example how people are educated and the traditional views challenged.


Today it was our turn to be in charge of the day's programme. We started the day off with some games and songs, after which we held our lessons on burns and impetigo. It was surprising how much repetition the kids needed in order to internalize the subjects. They needed a lot more of repeating in comparison to Finland. 

Circumcised or not?

Today we got an opportunity to visit Mamudah village where MMK Finland and Njaboute foundation organized education of non-circumcisation.  The aim of the education was to share information about FGM to the local people. Non-circumcised education lasts for two days and they have different topics for each day. Today we talked about anatomy of female genitalia, over view of the Health System in the Gambia, FGM/C in Africa, cause and effects of FGM/C and Counseling Techniques.

Visiting School of Nursing and Midwifery in Banjul

As a Finnish team composed of health care students we had a unique opportunity to take a peek at the life of Gambian soon to be nurses in a developing country's school system. The visit was not self-evident and thus we were grateful that the School of Nursing and Midwifery in Banjul granted us permission to come and familiarize ourselves with their facilities and schooling.