Hopefully on the way to Gambia!

The planning for the short exchange 2020 has begun and we are very excited for what's to come! The travel arrangements are almost done and at the moment, we are looking for potential partners and collaborators.

Thought number 1;

Our long-term dream is coming true, a short exchange to Gambia, in October-November 2020!

Let’s start working with the MMK association to bring hygiene and menstrual education to Gambia, helping with the local charity preschool, and bringing our supplies and sharing our know-how! The team is together, trying to think of potential partners and collaborators takes a lot of time and concentration (what school, I ask?), the travel arrangements are almost done, and the grouping can now begin!

Thought number 2;

We are now living in scary and mysterious times. When we heard about of our short exchange programme, we could not imagine what the worrying pandemic news would do to us, the world, the Finnish economy and healthcare system. Fears arrived at our doorstep, concretely. Is it time to be paralyzed?

Thought number 3;

The worlds situation has long been a cause for concern. The deepening of misery and poverty, the lack of education and climate anxiety, and especially the rights of girls, have long a cause for concern, and we have not been, nor are we, alone with our thoughts. How can we even help our neighbour, the lonely elderly, let alone the children and young people on the other side of the world?

Thought number 4;

Now is not the time to be paralyzed. Now is the time to do good. The opportunity and joy of being able to do good and thereby grow as a professional, gain perspective and experience, is beyond description. To reduce poverty, we need to train, take aid to where it is most needed, because if we close our eyes to the world, we will soon find problems in our own backyard.

There is a time when you have to support domestic entrepreneurs as well (and the time is now), but even though we are currently at the beginning of our project facing a great mystery, we cannot forget that the world will not stop and the need for help will not disappear during these times.

We live in the belief that our journey will be successful and that all “the water drops of goodness” will be made up of a bigger stream of good. Common good. So, if you feel the need to do good in your heart, now is the time!

Whether it is supplies for preschool or healthcare supplies (gloves, whatever!), maybe fabrics (which could be made into menstrual pads) or even the clear money we could buy things – Let us know.

Regards, Marja Sellgren & Saana Volanen




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